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If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably already seen my beautiful face on Quin’s brand spanking new poster. is the place to go for gaming news, twitch trolling, and actual in-game information/tips/guides.

Just last month we broke the news, internet-wide, that Blizzard succesfully won their $8.5 million dollar lawsuit against the buddy bots company.

Update: We have footage of the poster being opened 😀

Where do you see this headed?

Well, my plans are to take over the world. I’m closely studying several world leaders for tips. (Looking at you Vicente Fox)

I’m hoping in 2-3 years I’ll have satellites and neural-network ISP to provide unlimited high speed Troupsternetâ„¢ to 100% of the world.

Look at the poster up close and tell me you don’t see world domination in the near future.

What do we do now that we have all of this fantastic information?

The short answer? Celebrate:

The long answer? Check out some of my old Photoshops of Quin… but make sure you stay up to date with the best content to ever hit the web ( by the way):

Check out Troupster's old photoshops of Quin from

Are you still reading all the way down here? Go back to the stream. Wait, bookmark the site first.. or don’t.. I can’t control you. Do it, you don’t want to be the only one left out right?

Ok ok, vote in this poll, but then seriously, go back to the stream:

Is quin's deck the biggest you've ever seen?

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  • Meh, I've seen bigger. (27%, 27 Votes)
  • This question offends me. (25%, 25 Votes)

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