08-31-2016 - Troupster - Gabam Done!
After many minutes, several hard moments, and a quick think about it, The Colorizalator has been revealed!

People from all over the globe have come together describing the situation as not only confusing, but upsetting. Unfortunately, no one is certain where all the liquids are going, but there have been reports from places like the United States and Russia, all the way as far as the End. This recent discovery, however, all points toward one man.. GiantWaffle

In this unbelievable discovery, GiantWaffle can be seen discussing his master plans. It appears that he might be the root cause of all of liquids going missing.. on the entire planet.

GiantWaffle is thought to be dangerous, so if you see him, approach with caution. It is rumored he carries a fully loaded Ichorcloth Strapped Silverwood Wand. Any information on this heinous crime is highly appreciated and will be personally looked at by one of our staff. PLEASE message all reports to Coolbots7 on Twitch, as he is our lead detective on the case.
02-25-2016 - Troupster - UNBELIEVABLE BOMBSHELL
It is with regret, that we at Troupster.com have to inform you, Grand_POOBear is a liar.

It has been confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he gives us false information. Information so heinous, we are afraid to share all of it.

We CAN however, reveal that POO has lied about warp pipes, and if that wasn't enough to shake you to your core:
He has lied about the time of day when he bathes.

We have new reports, indicating that he is too good for us night-showerers. More to come, and again, we apologize for the shock.
01-29-2016 - Troupster - LEECHING RAT DETECTED
It has come to our attention at Troupster.com, that the King Rat Himself, Quin69, is planning to go on a leeching run.

Inside sources located deep in the back wood of Australia's Kangaroo Forest have given us the full scoop. (Evidence)

We are unsure if he plans to beat up homeless people, but when asked for comment, Quin had none.
01-28-2016 - Troupster - MORE ADDITIONAL NEWS
Once again, the best player ever, Grand_POOBear, is in the spotlight. This time, he means business.

Poo, a former little league all-star and 5 time Mountain-Man Hotdog Eating Champion has taken serious issue with all the recent press. What is at the center of all this frustration?

Lack of direct quotes in nearly all of the articles ever written on the internet.

Guess what folks, I'm here to change all of that. Kotaku can eat my hot dog in the next championship.

So what did Poo have to say when I told him I was writing this exposé? "No Comment."
I bid you all adieu:
01-28-2016 - Troupster - BREAKING NEWS
The best player ever, Grand_POOBear, quoted as saying "Yea, fuck Panga", recently took down the hardest level ever. (Cape Escape) Literally the hardest level ever.

Poo is 19 years old, has worked as a vegan most of his life, but recently found success by blowing up the planet Alderaan.

At this point, I'd like to break out into a foreign language, to make this seem more important.

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I have no idea what that says, but if you are interested, you can see his clear video below: