In a shocking turn of events, Quin69 was actually robbed of his BIS Shoulders of the Foreseen Conqueror from Mythic Tichondrius.

A sly little raider named Fizzy* swooped in, explaining how his Non-BIS Shoulders should get priority over BIS for Quin.

To help you understand the situation, I’ve taken it upon myself to re-create the situation using advanced 3d technology direct from China.


Learning Recap Time

AQuin Robbed clearly at Kappafter watching the video dramatization, you can much better understand the situation, and how Quin was the rat all along.

To be fair, the guild did offer Quin a chance to roll, and he failed. He went small d*$% boys.

Hopefully in the future we can all learn from his mistakes, so that we also don’t get muted. Next time, win the roll Quin.

Don’t let this happen to you: