Your time is now money

Whether it be 60,000 or 500,000 gold to obtain a WoW Token, each one is the same. Blizzard has finally opened an option to trade each token for $15 of Blizzard Balance. While there are a few restrictions, the balance can essentially be used for all of Blizzard’s digital content.

To purchase  a token from Blizzard, that simply costs you a flat unchanging fee, which is $20 USD for the NA region, for example. Or, if you want to purchase a token with in game gold, one simply pays the market price in the auction house:

Purchase WoW Tokens for gold in the Auction House

There are 5 token regions: NA/EU/China/Taiwan/KoreaNA RegionEU Region China RegionTaiwan Region South Korea Region



gold prices in the wow market

People are already thinking of ways to enhance profits, but you have to be careful. For example, if the thought crossed your mind to reroll toons on other servers? DON’T. Your entire region is one market.
Big Tuna Earns WoW Gold

According to my inside sources and the big Tuna himself, many people took advantage of the extremely lengthy downtimes of Warlords of Draenor.

While Blizzard has gone away from the heavy gold-farming missions in Legion, WoD offered players a way to farm Garrison Missions on 10+ toons. The bottom line is that WoD was a Gold Rush for World of Warcraft.

Perhaps most interesting, during this time, it only took Tuna roughly 4 minutes per toon to handle all of his mission shenanigans.

WoW: Warlods of Draenor

There is no telling where the prices are headed, as so much gold currently exists in the market. From botting, to multiboxing, there is a ton of gold in the WoW universe.

wow token abuse

Rerolling your toon for token pricing won't work.Even with limitations in place, it’s hard to believe that people won’t continue to sell their Blizzard accounts. This practice has been going on for over a decade, and continues to this day.

It does seem pretty nice to be able to purchase an account with full Blizzard titles, all the hearthstone cards, and cash to spare for cents on the dollar.

final thoughts

If you are anything like me, you like stuff in online games. What better way is there to get stuff in games, than by playing games?

If you happen to have extra gold in WoW, these tokens are perfect for you. Keep in mind, you probably won’t be the next Bill Gates from selling Tokens, but they do have value.

The algorithms that control the token pricing seem to be fairly stable, and really help curb any massive fluctuations. Can you have a little fun trying to catch the falling knife that is the new WoW Stock Market? Absolutely!

For more information on the regulations and amazing real-time charts, you should check out Afterall, who doesn’t want to be the next Wolf of Warcraft Street?

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