UPDATE: Zhanji & Bear made a full build guide for the Lightning Hydra COE Wizard Build for Season 10.

Earlier this week, we took several of the old and new builds and put them to the test in mid-level 95 Greater Rifts. The results were great: the new Lightning Impaler Demon Hunter, Lightning Hydra Wizard, and Generator Monk were all able to clear bosses efficiently.

That said, a GR95 is not the same as 110+ so Bear, Zhanji and I went back into the PTR to find more answers. Have a look at this snippet from our Lightning Hydra COE Boss Kill:

There’s no doubt about it, the Lightning Hydra Wizard can kill High Greater Rift Bosses, and it does it in style.

Comparison Video


  • Poor Crusader taking notes for Season 10 on the Diablo 3 PTR on Troupster.comLightning Impaler Demon Hunter (3:33 Single Target Boss) [4 Augments+All Non-Ancient]DiabloFans Build
  • Physical Gen Monk (3:30 Add Boss) [Full Augments]DiabloFans Build
  • Lightning Hydra Obsidian Wizard (3:12 Add Boss) [11 Augments] Trapped Zeis Stricken – DiabloFans Build
  • Lightning Hydra COE Wizard (2:08 Single Target Boss) [12 Augments] Gogok Zeis Stricken – DiabloFans Build (Updated)
  • For a more in-depth details on the builds you can check out Zhanji’s writeup @ TSLoot.com

Conclusion: Lightning Hydra Wizard is King

FeelsGoodMan with his Serpent Sparker @ Troupster.comSeason 10 is going to be a ton of fun.. potentially the most fun we’ve ever seen in all seasons of Diablo 3.

If you want to play Demon Hunter, Monk, or Wizard, all three classes are able to kill bosses, and each bring their own point of view to the table.

If you want a tankier build that contributes more during the rift, you will want to play a Demon Hunter or Wizard.

If you want a build that can kill bosses with adds, you will look towards the Demon Hunter or even Monk in some cases.

Eskandiel has gone from a FeelsGoodMan to a FeelsBadMan Boss for Lightning Hydra Wizard on Troupster.comIf you want to kill single target bosses fast? Play a monk. If you want to kill single target bosses really fast? Play a wizard.

The way Diablo3 works is that bosses themselves are basically irrelevant, in that they all take the same damage, have no shields or resistances, and all have similar health pools. The only real difference would be if adds absorb stacks of Stricken from your Bane of the Stricken gem, or attacks from the Hydras in the Lighting Hydra build.

In the end, we discuss the fact that you will likely be fishing for bosses that do not spawn additional units to absorb your Stricken/Hydra stacks, and let you kill the boss very efficiently. There are of course caveats to this, for specific builds, like the Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter may ACTUALLY do MORE damage with adds, by benefiting from Oculus Ring procs. At the end of the day, you will need to fish for the right boss, for the build you have chosen for your team.

For further discussion about the topic you can head over to our DiabloFans Post or either of our reddit posts in r/diablo and r/diablo3.