Wicked Gen Monk

Ding dong the witch is dead.

Which old Witch?


Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!!


Serpent SparkerAnd Lightning-Hydra Wizard is here to replace it! Trillions of damage, and pets to boot. Hello Serpent Sparker, where have you been hiding?

For the last 6 months, when you logged onto Diablo, there was never any doubt a gen monk was required to finish high GR bosses. No matter how efficient 3-support groups, or double dps wizards were in Gr 90+ ‘Speed’ farming, none of them came close to a gen monk when it came time to finish.

Crippling WaveThe gen monk, went through a couple of phases including Eye of Peshkov and later the Stone of Jordan for a fire-based Crippling Wave: Mangle.
Even slightly changing the build again in season 9 to Way of the Hundred Fists: Windforce Flurry for cold based damage. Without a doubt, if you wanted to actually kill bosses in Great Rifts above 100, you needed a gen monk.

But none of that matters any more..

say hello to the lightning-hydra wizard
Lightning Hydra Wizard DamagePOGCHAMP





Yes. That number is 42.8 Trillion in a single hit.. he was wearing Bane of the Stricken with a power pylon, but it was only a handful of sticken stacks (65-70). On average, in good gear, our lightning-hydra wizard Bear was seeing 6-10 Trillion crits from his hydras.

Before you check out the gif below, make a prediction how long you think it will take for the boss to die. Keep in mind, this is a Greater Rift 98 boss with no stricken stacks. Ok, go ahead and click play:


Lightning-Hydra Gear - Click to see full buildAs always, Zhanji and Bear did a great job testing on the PTR, and the video is below on Zhanji’s channel for you guys to check out.

Click Here to check out the full build on DiabloFans.com



Lightning-Hydra Skills - Click to see full build


UPDATE, For more testing with lower paragon:


Lightning Hydra Wizard is the REAL DEAL for Greater Rift Pushing & Even Speed Farming