KappaPride on Troupster.comIn the ultimate display of KappaPride, Towelliee is quoted as saying “..dicks are going to be everywhere which means shit’s gonna go down quick.”

While there were only able to successfully gather 2 chests from their mythic +15, Quin69 and Towelliee are basically guaranteed to go on a second date.. it is all but confirmed.

We at Troupster.com will do our best to track this relationship as it grows, to see if it blossoms into the mega stream we all deserve.


Quin69 Face Carried by Towelliee @ Troupster.comUpdate: We have received comment from Quin69 on the matter:

“When you get your measuring tape out and you measure each other’s dicks, it’s like that, but it’s online… It’s like when you grab the other guys dick, you have to get it erect, you measure it, and it’s totally cool, nohomo.”

Update 2: We have received comment from Towelliee:

When asked when their 2nd date would be, Towelliee replied “whenever he wants.” The ball is now in your court Mr. Quin69, do you want a 2nd date with the Big T?