Xwater, despite giving his best effort, was foiled again by resident troll and all around amazing person, Food. Even with his innate physical prowess, and near-jedi like predictions, Mikki was no match for Food. This is domination in its purest form folks:

xwater calls it quits

After more than 20 minutes, and 3 Yatta-Nais, Xwater finally threw in the towel. Some might criticize him for giving up, others might say his mustache Resident Troll Food makes the best troll Mario levelsisn’t long enough..whatever the case, no flagpole was touched today.

If there’s one important lesson we can take away from all of this.. it’s to make sure you touch your flagpoles early, and often.

Bring the airhorn back

Finally, if you want to hear the sweet sweet sound of that jazzy airhorn blaring over Xwater, make sure to sign the petition! Make Xwater chat great again!

If you want to see more great Super Mario Maker gameplay, head on over to Xwater’s Twitch channel, or check him out on the YouTubes.