Primal Ancients are coming, and they are a good thing, despite the confusion on Twitch. They are going to fix Diablo, as long as Blizzard caps paragon. Stay with me, I know this seems like a bit of a stretch, especially if you’ve spent ANY time on the Blizzard Forums.

Zhanji, Bear, and I spent the better part of an hour going over the main reasons why we feel this is not just a great idea, but rather a necessary change for the Diablo franchise.

Primal Ancients are Tangible
Primal Ancients are Tangible Button

Primal Ancients are a REAL change to the game, which is less than I can say about a majority of the recent posts I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong, I have about a million ways we could improve Diablo 3, but I want to see the game actually improve. Therefore, rather than discuss unrealistic ideas, no matter how amazing, we need to work with what we have.

PRIMAL ANCIENTS won’t work on their own

With that in mind, it is pretty obvious that simply adding Primal Ancients will not fix the game by themselves. In order to refocus the endgame of Diablo on loot, Blizzard will need to cap paragon, at least for seasons.

Primal Ancients can hopefully slay the Paragon Grind

Everyone is sick of grinding paragon. While it may be true, that at some point in time, an uncapped paragon grind gave some benefit to a handful of players at the very top end of the game, it has created an unhealthy and unfun environment for killing monsters.

In our Diablo Discussions video, we discuss the changes that capping paragon and adding Primal Ancients would bring to Diablo, some of which include:

Changes as a result of adding a paragon cap
  • Bots are nerfed. At best, bots will only be ~800 paragon better than a fully ancient-geared player: something a human could plausibly overcome.

Primal Ancients with a Paragon cap will destroy bots.

  • Every hour of the game becomes exciting. Every kill becomes interesting.
  • New goals to the game.  You will now have something to do past the first few weeks, other than grind +5 Mainstat until Chainer falls asleep
  • Many builds become viable. Builds that are not currently viable in top tier greater rifts are suddenly now playable all season long. (Something Blizzard has been trying to accomplish forever)


Primal Ancient Barber

Take the time to think about what is actually possible with Diablo 3, and it’s pretty impressive. These are realistic changes, that would probably require minimal work from Blizzard, yet still accomplish major strides. If handled properly with a paragon cap, Diablo 3 could be really, really exciting.

If you have the time to listen and give feedback, check out our first ever Diablo Discussions video, and leave feedback on the youtube page. I’m interested in having the game change for the better, in a manner that Blizzard can actually accomplish.

As always, head on over to for more info from Zhanji’s perspective.