Say hello to Vesalius, a brand new Diablo 3 boss, the first one in years:

New D3 Boss Vesalius discovered on Necro PTR @

He is a giant Enslaved Nightmare that has a few key abilities:

  1. Frozen Pulse (Same as every other pulse you’ve seen in game)
  2. Wormhole (Same as every other wormhole you’ve seen in game)
  3. Butt Blaster Balls (Shoots a handful of balls that are sure to wreck your day if you’re standing still)
  4. Ground Dive (Goes into ground split into 4 mirrors) [NOT CONFIRMED]
  5. Boss moves very quickly and is nearly impossible to outrun without a teleport of some kind
  6. 0 Adds spawned throughout the bossfight.

With this boss that makes a grand total of 25 bosses.

UPDATE: It appears this boss is a copy of Vidian from the Sanctum of Blood

To find Vidian he is at the bottom of the Temple of the Firstborn Level 2 in Act 2, one of the new areas.

He seems very similar to Vesalius, except Vidian seems to also have some adds that he summons. (Seems like Blizzard might understand how much we hate add bosses for pushing).

Here is a screenshot of Vidian:

New D3 Boss Vidian discovered on Necro PTR @


To view Zhanji trying his best to enslave this nightmare, check out his kill video below: