Unknown Mystery Benefactor

This evening, in the North side of Chicago, and anonymous homeless man has received upwards of 12 Whoppers from unknown benefactors.

It is rumored that Burger King™ gave the free whoppers out in a chain of receipt coupons, as long as you threw their drinks and fries in the garbage.

It is unclear how the driver of the sedan was able to cope with the smell, but it is rumored all of the persons in the car may have died from Whopper Inhalation Poisoning.



Look how happy the Whoppers made this man.*

Homeless Man Celebrates with Horde of Whoppers

It is rumored that the benefactor was heard screaming “THROW THEM IN THE GARBAGE” but this is still as of yet unconfirmed. If you want to support these generous hooligans, check out this shirt that goes directly toward funding more whopper action:

The official NEW AND IMPROVED Throw it in the Garbage TEE is now available!


*Some of this is real, but maybe some of it isn’t. The food was actually in fact on the way to help the homeless as of this post. If you want to see more of these shenanigans check out Jaku at twitch.tv/Jaku !