In a close race of Super Mario World Randomizer, World Famous, and Kotaku-written-about gamer, THE Grand PooBear has finally proven that he is the greatest.. of all time.

It doesn’t even matter who wins the race between GlitchCat7, GrandKeys, Xwater, Ryukahr, and The Greater Gamer of All Time.

In a random water level that generated NO WATER poo was still able to overcome all odds, with no powerups, and he didn’t even need a Blue Yoshi like SOMEBODY. *Cough* Cheater *Cough*

Is there any doubt that this man is the best gamer? Not Anymore.

If you want to relive the glory, enjoy this clip below:



Did I mention that if you want to learn more about Poo you can read about him in the Los Angeles Times?

The rest of them all have twitters and stuff, but none of that matters because Grand Poobear is the best of all time.

Special Mention to DotsAreCool for making this SMW Randomizer.