There’s no doubt, the king rat is back.

In an amazing 8:49 display of raw talent, the guild One has done it, they destroyed High Botanist Tel’Arn on Mythic difficulty. Not only was this the 3rd ever kill on their realm, but it was 88th in the entire world. You know what else went 88.. the DeLorean in Back to the Future. Just like Doc Brown, these guys are inventing new ways to dominate.

Quin69 Phase 3 Dps High Botanist Tel'Arn Mythic

Phase 3 was no match for all 128 million damage pumped out by Quin, yet there were still some parts the rat himself couldn’t bear to observe:

Quin69 Kills High Botanist Tel'Arn Mythic

Make sure to check out his stream live on Twitch if you want to see more amazing kills .. or just some rat-like faces.