It appears that TurboHud website and in-game services have been taken offline!

In this latest banwave, Blizzard has struck especially close to season end (Less than 24 hours), perhaps giving some of the most blatant cheaters false hope.

With the recent news of Blizzard seeking $8.5m in damages from a cheat maker, it seems Blizzard is ramping up it’s anti-cheat stance in the community.

Hundreds of accounts appear to be missing from the 4 man leaderboard, many of them being from the highly acclaimed clan <Sc>.

Take a look at the rank 1 clear below, as members Cooba, Eternal, and ULU are no longer displayed on the leaderboard. (This ban is so recent their accounts have not yet been removed from the Website)

The Rank 1 4 Man US Diablo 3 Team was decimated by Banwave on

This ban was even larger, 200+ people are missing from 4 man Leaderboards

Exact numbers are pretty difficult to calculate, yet out of the top 100 4 Man Clears, there are only 102 actual people. (There should be 400 minus the people who share group players.)

Yes, there are people that were a part of multiple clears, but there are clearly a lot of people who were banned.

Recap and Solution to Leaderboard Stragglers

Everyone is excited about the potential of competing at the top-end of the Diablo 3 Leaderboard legitimately, without having to bot the 8 hours you weren’t playing.

That being said, these bans are leaving obvious gaps in the framework of the game, with people benefiting from the cheaters who did get banned, having their clear remain on the boards.

I propose a solution of rolling back accounts to the highest previous clear that was not tainted by an account banned for cheating. This is a simple matter of record keeping in the database, and seems like the most fair solution for everyone involved.

This has been a update, remember folks, don’t cheat and grind.

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