Blizzard Employee TyvalirPrimal Ancients Nerf by Blizzard means they are now pointless. A full set gives less than one rift level of power increase.

Blizzard continues to completely ignore the paragon grind, and the 10,000’s of main stat they give.

Blizzard Community Manager Tyvalir Announces that Primal Ancients are now pointless on D3 Forum.View Original Forum Post

Despite Myriam’s best efforts to destroy your materials and gold in game, Blizzard has put its foot down. You only have to suffer through her mind games until you get a Primal Ancient.

Paragon Comparison

Primal Ancients Nerf ignores Paragon Stats comparison 1k and 3k characters on

The sheer difference in stats from paragon is staggering, making it impossible to compete on leaderboards.

Yes..Primal Ancients were neat, but Blizzard just nerfed the crap out of them.

They now do next to nothing: Rolling 950 into to 1000 is a 10 paragon increase. Whoopdie Friggin’ Do.

Primal Ancients Nerf: Prior Discussion

Earlier in the week, Zhanji Bear & I discussed Primal Ancients in our first ever episode of Diablo Discussions. In a crowd of naysayers, we actually promoted the idea that Primal Ancients can be a good thing in conjunction with a paragon cap:


If Blizzard doesn’t stop the insane 18+ hour / day Paragon grind, the game will never truly capture the audience it did with Diablo 1 & 2.

DiabloCurrently in Diablo 3, you are always behind. You are always punished for not playing the ‘right spec’. You are at a severe detriment for not clearing greater rifts in the ‘right comp’.

Primal Ancients offered a good avenue to expand the loot hunt in the game, and with a Paragon Cap they could have shifted everyone’s goals. Instead, they now do nothing. Primal Ancients will actually feel worse than regular ancients, because any time you get one you know it’s good.

FeelsBadMan Primal Ancients NerfGame development is an extreme challenge. Often times, designing rewards for players is nothing but a constant battle of counter-intuitive design choices.

I appreciate that Blizzard is trying to fix Diablo 3, but adding pointless item tiers that only offer to make the game less exciting is not the solution.

As always, my good buddy Zhanji did a writeup over at his website