Lighting Impaler Demon HunterNext Season Will be Fun

Take a deep breath and exhale, because the Lightning Hydra Wizard is absolutely still viable.

Zhanji, Bear & I took the Lightning Hydra Wizard, as well as a few other builds, through some more tests on the PTR. We split up the runs into two separate videos which include:


The Best Boss Killer

In the worst case scenario (a boss with adds), the Lightning Hydra Wizard is still able to kill the boss in around a minute on a GR95. Have a look in our Wizard tests below:

Demon Hunter is Back

The real news story here might just be the Demon Hunter. Pulled from obscurity back to life, the Demon Hunter was able to kill a GR95 Binder in less than a minute. Check out our runs that Zhanji put together in the video below:



Diablo Season 10 Lightning Hydra Still ViableThe important thing to note from all of these tests, is that we are likely going to have multiple options for killing the boss in Season 10.

ALL 3 Classes (Wizard, Monk, Demon Hunter) will be viable, although it is still unclear what will be the best Boss Killer in Greater Rifts above 110. (Though Wudijo did clear a 113 on the PTR leaderboards)

Even though it appears Gen Monk might not be dead, I am still looking forward to the next season of Diablo, for the first time in a long time. This is the first time in a long time that we have seen Blizzard put effort into balancing the higher tiers of gameplay.

As always, for Zhanji’s Writeup, checkout his post at