Diablo 3 Season 10 is finally upon us! Over the past few weeks I’ve had a poll running at the side of the website to see what everyone wants to blast next season.

To no one’s surprise, Wizard and DH look to be the most popular choices. These matches the results from the Reddit poll pretty closely:

Wizard and Demon Hunter are the most popular choice for Diablo 3 Season 10 on Troupster.com Poll


I made you guys a beautiful image to answer any questions, we think this is the best comp of Season 10.

Wizard Monk Witch Doctor and Barb are the most popular choice for Diablo 3 Season 10 on Troupster.com Poll


In this video we go over each of the patch notes and what we think are the 5 primary changes to notice this season:

  1. Lightning Hydra Wizard is not only viable, but has surpassed Gen Monk for killing bosses
  2. Demon Hunter Impale is now viable, and can clear seemingly just as well as a Gen Monk
  3. The Armory is a huge quality-of-life change that should add hours of gameplay to each season by removing the agnozing character load screens as you switch toons.
  4. Primal Ancients… well they suck .. at least most of them will give you 15 fragments now.
  5. Bounties are finally fixed. No longer can xpace get stoned and destroy your bounties game after game. You’re basically guaranteed a bonus cache if you do all the bounties now. Only took them 10 seasons.

If you need any other tips/guides/information about Diablo 3 Season 10, make sure you check out the Reddit Megathread which features everything you need to know! Enjoy our review below:


As always, leave comments on the Youtube, thanks for watching, and good luck have fun in Diablo 3 Season 10!